tldr: have you ever missed a dose or took a dose late of atomoxetine/strattera? what happened to you mentally/physically when you did?

i think i took mine an hour late on accident (i try to take it at 9am during the week and as early as possible on weekends) and i started getting intense anxiety (not sure if it’s because of my situation or if it’s because i took my dose an hour late) but when i’m late to taking it on the weekend i don’t have any particular issues. not sure what’s going on?

Memory Loss


Chronic Nausea and Vomiting


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  • Raffima


    There are days that I don’t take anything at all. It could be anxiety or panic from thinking you’re late, etc. Just take it whenever you remember and know that that’s okay.

    • celestialmoonaura


      — that could be it ahh i think i just feel anxious and depressed from being so burntout i’m on edge constantly and maybe that’s contributing to me thinking that

  • Mays


    I get super nauseous when I go 2-3 hour past 9am (when I typically take it)!

  • Ethomas41


    I get a headache and I’m super hungry lol

  • MedicalAnomaly


    I usually feel ok if I miss one dose, but after one missed dose, the next day I start to feel very agitated and my brain feels foggy.

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