Sorry to post twice in an hour, but I don't know what to think. My chest feels really tight and a little painful. I normally get chest tightness when I'm anxious, but I wasn't anxious what this started. what could it be?


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  • JJ_W


    Sometimes I have panic attacks (with heart palpitations, strained breathing, dizziness, etc.) and I don't feel anxious at all/nothing caused it. My therapist said it's just the brain's response to a chemical imbalance that makes your body think something bad is happening to you when nothing is triggering it at all. Usually I just do grounding techniques (deep breaths, counting, etc.) like normal and it goes away after a while. If chest pains happen often and you're worried about it you can also get an EKG to check on it which is what I did a few years ago. Hope this can help in some way!

    • catlover55


      Thank you. I've had an EKG and ultrasound on my heart, and everything was okay. I guess it's probably just anxiety

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