Please tell me if I'm overreacting:

So this week my mom and I started a diet/workout plan together so we could cut costs and motivate each other. It's an 8 week plan that comes with diet restrictions, a focus on portion sizing, and workout plans. We were excited to try it after having quite a few friends give glowing reviews.

This first week has been rough as it is the most restricted: measured proteins, veggies, and limited sauces/dressings. I'm also just starting to cook as it's not been something I'm comfortable with so it's a learning experience as well. With the restrictions came some headaches and a lot of mental roadblock about eating the same types of foods every day.

I was telling my best friend about this, just to vent a little, but instead of support or motivation he mostly just had bad things to say about "fad diets." Don't get me wrong I understand diet culture can be harmful and I knew this was going to be tough. But to ask for advice, motivation, or even just sympathy, and instead be shamed for trying to be healthier and happier in my body hurt me.

It may be that I'm more emotional than normal due to shark week but after we got off the phone, I cried for a little while. I just want someone to be proud of me for finally trying to better myself and it was thrown in my face. Should I have told him that his comments hurt me or should I let it go?

TLDR: I started a diet, told my best friend looking for encouragement, and ended up ashamed and crying.


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  • Neapolitan


    Tell them how you feel. Be open and honest about your hurt feelings.

  • FutureNurse


    I would advise you to talk to him about it, but I personally would avoid the topic with him. If he brings it up again, I would say something. If you ever need encouragement, please inbox me! I started my fitness journey close to a month ago and having people support and encourage you is much needed because it’s hard work!! What you’re doing is amazing though especially if it’s to become healthier and not all about just losing weight!

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