hi what is your depression like


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  • Mobius


    really really heavy. it feels like there are clouds are in my brain.

  • SleepyGhost


    Like being covered in cold dirt when you're already freezing and you just don't have the energy to get up. It's rough.

  • urmom69


    i just be chillin and then i wanna shove forks into my eyes idk

  • Charizard02


    It's like I'm already dead inside and I'm just waiting to actually die basically

    • Dentry


      that is absolutely the most accurate description I’ve ever heard.

  • Jammie


    Constantly knowing what may help but being too overwhelmed with the chance of it failing and/or lack of motivation/energy

  • Wintie


    Honestly... I'd say it's like this deep void inside me. It is as though nothing can fill it back up and it just hurts yet it is very numbing. Unfortunately my anxiety ties in with my depression. So either way, I'm screwed with being too anxious to do anything yet too depressed to do anything. It gets to a point where I am too tired to do anything. 😔

  • VeryBerryBabe


    Hard disassociation. Zoning out for long periods of time, overthinking, loss of appetite, listlessness ect

  • lovebug


    Horrible like one minute ur happy and good then the next u wanna go back to ur old habits and make stupid choices! Its a horribke place

  • Kayleejade


    It's different depending on the day some days I can function and be able to go places and have fun and other days I want to stay home and watch TV and I'm sad for reasons ik it's not my fault

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