how do you not take something personally? I'm usually kind of talkative and normally my coworker (who I'm working alone with) talks to me a lot- I'd consider us friends. today she is super quiet and even kind of snapped at me that she didn't want to talk today. we're alone at work for the next 5 hours. what do I do to calm the anxiety that I've done something to offend her?

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  • Magical24


    I feel that there might not be much to do but wait. If you know you didn't do anything wrong, then you haven't done anything wrong. They are probably just having a bad day. Stress balls help, just try to keep yourself occupied, it will pass!

    • quetz


      I've been trying to, but it's soooo awkward in here right now. You could cut the tension with a knife. I'm going to have to be here until 5:30 (it's 12:20 right now for me)

  • JustRachelle


    I think the first thing is trying to understanding that everything isn’t about you. Your coworker could be going through personal things and could have a lot on her mind.. it could be family, their health etc you never know… I think you should just take a minute and take a deep breath. Let them have their space. Since you know you haven’t done anything control that and keep saying to yourself that they just need a personal moment.

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