Hi, I was wondering what depression looks like to you, in your mind how would you describe it to people who have no idea what it is.


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  • risingmoonbeam


    To me depression is a endless void with scary nosies and entanglements that are all above me and i can see a faint light at the very distant top like a mach on a country road at the max distance any time i try to climb out there is always something that breaks to keep me down but some times the light isnt as far away and i can stand up and see out of the hole and do some things but the hole still has me and its only my head thats really clear. And somedays the hole is contained in a small pendent and i still have it with me but i can fully function those days

  • GermanBadger


    Nothig no longer brings joy. I wake up every morning wishing I didnt even wake up at all. Every moment in life doesnt spark the slitest bit of joy. Parties, family events, bday, holidays, gifts, hanging out with friends all hardly brings any sort i guess you could say. I may smile and laugh here and there, but I cant look back and axtually say i enjoyed my time if that makes sense. Just this endless pit of failing emotions

  • OverwhelmedBard


    Have you ever been underwater? At first, you can hold your breath, but the longer you sit there the water kinda feels heavy. That would be a mild way of putting it. On some harder days for people it could feel like being at the bottom of the ocean and trying to swim up and never being able to reach the surface. Or sometimes it feels like someone is holding them under. That's what it feels like to me.

  • Nal


    I agree with sum of these comments I see I’m pretty late on commenting on this, but personally with also having anxiety I feel like I’m trapped bound in chains within my own mind and suffocating on racing thoughts, or like I keep falling deeper in this hole I can’t get out of, things I use to really like I don’t really enjoy anymore, I feel motionless and stuck and fidgety and restless at the same time, I don’t wanna get out of bed or do anything at all but then I feel like a crappy person for not doin anything, so don’t do anything and do something fights each other, it does feel like I’m drowning sumtimes on hopelessness nd sadness hating myself, nd everything in life that’s happening nd is going to happen like what I have to do gives me extreme anxiety nd depression nd it’s really fucxing hard sumtimes to even just exist nd takes all my damn energy just doing normal things

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