I have low empathy. Sometimes, I think it would be easier to properly care about other people but frankly I think that to be outside messaging from society and such. I've been subliminally told that those who lack empathy are 'bad people', but if I do a good thing for a selfish reason does that make me a bad person?

Personality Disorder (PD)


Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Behavioral and Emotional disorders with onset usually occurring in childhood and adolescence

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  • blaggm


    I feel I am too empathetic sometimes, to the point were I'm putting my mental or physical health at risk to help someone. But I get joy from helping people. So does that make me a bad person? I'm doing a good thing(helping people) for a selfish reason(I get pleasure from it).

    • Kythereia


      I don't believe it makes you a bad person, merely a person with watery boundaries or a people-pleaser. You are doing your best.

  • blaggm


    Thank you for saying that. But I think youre response answers your own question. You're trying you're best too, even if people who aren't suffering see it, I see it. You're not a bad person either.

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