I'm struggling with self doubt to a horrific degree. I can't hang around my friends anymore without the thoughts that they actually hate me and only keep me around for pity's sake creeping into my mind. I have had friends try to validate me but it doesn't matter. It's driving me insane living like this. I'm terrified of the idea that these people I love hate me deep down. And on top of that, I have an unexplainable dread of abandonment, so the idea of them leaving me is also tormenting me with the self doubt. I just don't know what to do about it anymore


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  • feelbadthatfeelbad


    First of all, it is totally fine to have these thoughts, but remember, they are only thoughts, not the truth. Your friends don't hate you, they care about you, and if you feel that way you should talk to one of them and explain how you're feeling, maybe they will have an idea. Also, when you have these thoughts, try to go to a place that you can be alone and literally talk to yourself, say what you're feeling out loud and why you're feeling it, it makes me feel better.

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