i feel like the worst. I feel like no one understands the crap I'm going through. i've been addicted to pornography, and do my best to destroy it. I feel sheer nothingness in my boring life when I abstain from that stuff. When I try to share my life story with people, they just don't want to get involved.


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    Hi what’s up

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    I am lucky to have someone in my life who has some understanding of what I’m going through with schizoaffective. I met him through AA. it really sucks that a lot of people really don’t understand, but definitely try to find some people. I’m an alcoholic/addict so I can relate in some way, I’m pretty sure there are also support groups for that, I know at least there is sex addicts anonymous. You really aren’t alone.

  • Kermit143


    Honestly life is kinda boring in pandemic and porn can be one of the few fun things to do so I hope you don't have too much shame around it. This is drawing from my mindfulness practices but maybe instead of trying to "destroy it" just try to use it a little less and reward yourself with some other kind of thing you enjoy, literally anything. Yeah people might not want to hear this kind of stuff, but i guess everybody is dealing with their own problems. Lots of friends and family in my life dont wanna hear either. Thankfully i can go to therapy, it helps a little, then i can manage it a bit better and then chat with friends and family a bit easier

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