is there a way I can cope other than listening to music and just shutting myself away from my parents and not letting them help when needed


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  • Swimmerstorm


    Honestly Journaling is a great way, it helps me, I do the same as you. I like to vent but don't wanan bother My friends so I write, it's a great help honestly.

    • shadowphoenix


      Yeah I do sometimes but i cant keep up as often so its like my stress and anxiety go up cause I had a family member pass so its been difficult plus been trying to work on my bf and i's relationship we hit a rough patch of miscommunication so

  • WinterSnow


    When I need to cope with things, I either busy myself with my yarn crafts or read on Choices

  • Snowy


    Something I learned about a lot in therapy (and was very effective for me) was doing the "opposite of the emotion action urges." Basically, every emotion/condition (e.g. depression) comes with "emotion action urges" meaning there are things that that feeling makes you want to do. Depression, for example, makes you want to isolate, crawl back in bed, close the curtains, not eat, not do anything, etc. And the crazy thing about these action urges is that they will actually reaffirm the original emotion. So, by doing all the things your depression makes you want to do, you are reaffirming the depressed mood. To fix/fight that, you have to try to do the opposite of what the urge is. You really want to get back in bed? Stand up. Want to stay inside? Go for a short walk. Don't feel like eating? Have a small snack. It doesn't have to be big things. It doesn't have to be "want to stay inside? Go run a marathon." Do what is accessible. If all you can do today is stand up out of bed and eat a snack, that's still a win. Maybe tomorrow you could try going outside. Does that make sense? This isn't to say that the problem of depression is as simple as "just do the opposite." Meds and therapy are still very important. This is a strategy, though, that you can start working on now while you also get/take meds and go to therapy. Lots of love ❤️

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