I'm supposed to start taking Wellbutrin but my perscruber recommended I take it in the morning. The problem is that I'm not very much of a morning person and keep forgetting to take it. I subscribed to Hero medication dispenser so I'm hoping that will help but if it doesn't I was wondering what time you all take your meds? and do you think that the time I take it will effect me in any way?


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  • RainDrop


    I take it as soon as I think of it when I wake up. I keep some by my bed, some by my toothbrush, some in the kitchen, and some in the car so I have lots of opportunities to remember to take it. With my Wellbutrin XLs, I wouldn’t personally take them more than halfway through my awake time in the day if I remembered halfway through the day that I missed one. It seems to make me a bit more energetic in the first couple of hours when I take it, but I’ve found that my mood gets affected most when I’m inconsistent about taking it since it has about a 24 hour duration.

  • sprite


    if it doesn’t keep you up, i don’t see why you couldn’t take it at night. i used to and had no problems. i think it’s more important to be taking it every day than to be taking it at a specific time!

  • MissSerpentine


    I take my meds in the morning. I tried Wellbutrin but it made me incredibly anxious all day and I had to get a medication for anxiety to finally fall asleep. SSRI are different from SNRI, but I take my effexor in the morning since it gives a little boost if energy

  • misguidedspectre


    I take Wellbutrin in the morning because when I took it at night before bed it was impossible to fall asleep.

  • Koala


    I love to have a cup of coffee in the morning, so I attached that habit to taking my medicine. I also have a reminder on my phone.

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