Do you watch the news or try to stay away from them?

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

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  • AnimalBoy


    My roommate watches the news and he tells me as well as getting bigger stuff on social media and if it sounds important or comes up frequently I do my own research. It helps to have control over what I consume and ive always preferred my own research

  • Or


    The last time I watched the news I got hives from stress. I stay as far away as possible. Sometimes I feel guilty but like, watching the news gave me hives.

  • Lyridia


    I used to but had to stop the past few years. I realized how much it was negatively impacting my mental health and just decided I needed to cut it off for the most part.

    • AnimalBoy


      I've noticed a pretty intense rise in how bad the news has effected people over the passed few years, realistically I think it started back in 2016 but since the pandemic and the rest of 2020 it has been drastically worse

  • Shannie


    I don't watch the news at all. I don't like bad news, I'm very sensitive some things make me cry. My co-workers will run things by me and sad to say it's always about someone dying. So no news for me 😥

  • Elita


    I keep up with the most important events the best I can but I closely pay attention to how I'm feeling as I do. I used to self-harm by stressing myself out with the news, so I've learned to listen to my body and step away when I need to

  • lawrah


    I can't watch it or go on social media. So many triggers for me

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