My name is Shane and I'm 46 years old. I have chronic thoracic back pain that started around 2015. It started out mild and intermittent but progressively got worse over time, until I could no longer work or play music or just live my life normally. I've seen approximately 15 different doctors (orthopedic, pain management and went through physical therapy) but none have helped me in the slightest. I've been prescribed a bag full of different medications (literally), over the last several years but none have helped. I've had the imaging tests (X-ray, CT, MRI) but unfortunately, there's nothing glaringly obvious to the doctors that would be causing my pain. I feel like they don't believe me frankly. I don't even have a diagnosis at this point. It's beyond frustrating and depressing and it angers me immensely. I've searched everything online that I can find but nothing seems to directly relate to my issue. Pressure seems to help and looking down makes the pain worse..neither are instant. So, I'm completely at a loss as to what to do at this point. The majority of time I spend on my bed propped up on pillows and fortunately it doesn't bother me when I sleep. I'm just hoping to find someone, anyone, that may be dealing with similar issues.

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  • kisseyangel


    Shane so sorry ...I completely understand. I have spent a great deal of my life searching for answers to quite a few problems as well as having a bunch of things wrong that later found out at 19 that my mother took a drug that caused me to go through puberty at 7 and complete hysterectomy at 17....anyway was in an auto accident and broke my neck and back and have had 12 spinal reconstructions. Really Shane sounds neurological. Have you seen a Nero guy? Also you say when you look down could be a pinched Perifial nerve. Nero is tuff can be so many things. My best suggestion is to seek a teaching hospital that is were I found my best info and willingness to search until an answer was found. Wishing the best to you and feel free to contact me least you can be grateful for sleep. If I get 3 hours a night it is a good night.

  • Andrer


    Hi shaneP What IS your diagnosis? Like a said before i did cervical, thoracic and lumbar and My orthopedic said bulging dísc in C6,C7 IS causing My mid back pain,

  • Miri_D


    Omgggg sameee storyyy for me as well

    • Andrer


      ok what part of your body IS in pain and what Is causing It , i mean the location, mine IS c6,C7 but i have some other in the thoracic región buy My orthopedic told me My mid back pain left side comes from C6,c7

  • wildhoney


    i’ve had the same type of pain since i was around 7 years old. i’m on a new treatment plan with a chiropractor right now, and it’s the first thing i’ve found to help me in the slightest. relief may be incredibly difficult, but i refuse to believe it isn’t out there. sending low pain days your way :)

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