For anyone who has had top surgery, or stopped wearing a cheat binder, did you ever get pains in the cartilage in your chest as your ribcage adjusted to not being bound all the time?

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  • DeadlyTripster


    Not that I've noticed personally, however I do constantly feel underdressed without a binder on.

  • BigDino


    You know I did kind of notice this. But I think it might have been more to do with damage I did while binding to my ribs/cartilage. I had pains while binding too so it can be hard to tell the difference.

  • AnimalBoy


    I felt a twinge of pain in the rib I accidentally injured while binding shortly after surgery, I think if I had any muscle pain I had it when my entire chest was numb from the surgery so I didn't feel much of anything. It's possible that I didn't have any muscle issues because I tapered off how much I was binding throughout the 6 months leading up to that fall due to a schedule change in prep for the surgery that had me at home most of the time, which was then directly followed by covid.

  • alexander1023


    Yes I have had some here and there

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