what symptoms do you have? what stage are you?

Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC)

Abdominal Distention

Bloody stools

Chest pain

Skin Itch


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  • Beesolie


    When I was diagnosed in 2018 I was in early stage 3, but with treatment I'm back in stage 2 with mild inflammation. My symptoms were extreme pain in my right rib space, fatty stools, and belly pain. Now I get the occasional pain in my side when I eat a greasy meal!

  • Micah


    I have occasional pain in my right side. I take Ursodiol, Resveratrol, and Propanolol for my liver. It has greatly improved my liver enzymes. I do not drink, smoke, or take Tylenol as those are not good for the liver.

  • Dianne406


    I have right rib pain, fatty stools, sick to my stomach, bloated and my liver enzymes were were off the charts.

    • Dianne406


      Also itching everywhere! Worse on my feet!!!!!!!

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