I am Debbie and I'm 43 years old my health is crap in many ways but my depression is out of control. I have been on the highest dose of zoloft since Age 12 trying find every other anti-depressant out there and and they either made me crazy or they didn't work zoloft the only one so far I've found. We added Abilify a couple years ago And it helped for a while But here's my issue, My body builds up tolerance to medications very quickly so they quit working for me My question is is there anybody out there who has started one of these newer anti anti-depressant bipolar medications patience and have had success with them? I It's so bad I don't get out of bed most days I'll go days without showering I'm just not coping well I'm doing better now that it's summer or at least now that the suns out more. Anyways any input on any new medications would be appreciated thank you for allowing me to be part of this group


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  • bebeth2120


    I take risperdone 2mg & lamotragine 50 mg, they both work wonders for me. If you go to my profile you will see I have alot of the same issues as you. I hope it helps.

  • WaresForCoin


    The showering thing is huge. I force myself to shower when I'm depressed, but it's really, really hard some days. I'm on lamotragine and olazapine, and they've done the trick for me. You might want to look into lithium if your doctor thinks that might work. Sounds scary, but if it works imagine how much better your life will be. I hope you feel better soon, I know the feeling of not even wanting to shower way too well for my liking.

  • katzgoddessa


    I have treatment resistant, Major Depressive Disorder, am on Effexor 2 doses, Welbutrin, Latuda. Been through Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac, Cymbalta, and I forget the others. Saw an ad for trinitellex(sp), will have to see what I can find when I've reached then tolerance of what I'm on.

    • Fuzzy


      Hi, I have been on everything and all combos . Twelve ECTs treatments did nothing . My new psych is a neurologist and believes anti seizures is the way to go . Since 1/2022 I have been on Trileptal, Seroquel, occas Adderall . I’m not sure I agree yet . The Adderall for the ADD seems to help the most . When you are mainly depressed it’s much harder to treat . I now believe that I am wired that way from birth . Since I have accepted this way of looking at it I find that I do not fight with myself which seems to make the depression less .

  • Christine70


    Have you tried Seroquel? This has worked for me.

  • goobieboobie


    I have done seroquel once it was hard to get off. Thank you all

  • Bill021


    I take latuda. I'm not sure if it does anything besides makes me shake

  • katzgoddessa


    I take Effexor 75mg, Effexor 150mg, Wellbutrin 300mg every AM and the Latuda 40mg, Lunesta at bed time for sleep. It's working okay for now but will eventually have to stop taking those a find some new ones.

    • kaylashatkin


      I’ve been on welbutrin and it made me lose tons of weight

  • goobieboobie


    Well butting, effector, Paxil and a couple others made me crazy.

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