How do you all deal with the feeling of loneliness? This will turn into a little rant-- I have friends and family but I can't really talk to my family about how I feel and my friends, even if lovely, they have so much going on for them. I can't work or go out much so I have a lot of time trying to occupied myself while keeping bad thoughts at bay. My best friend recently told me that they're talking to someone who likes them back and I'm very happy for them! I just feel a bit down because we've discussed how some people change when they start dating. We promised each other we'd never be like that at all, but I'm still a bit worried that our conversations will be turned into talking about relationship things. We're adults so it might seem a tad childish to say but we are the type to joke and say that we'll be with each other forever to the point of getting married. I know it's just talk and our feelings are very close but nothing romantic. With them in that, a mutual friend of ours getting married, and my other friends not feeling as close to talk with. I'm starting to feel super lonely. I try to get my mind off of it with my normal distractions: Making art, YouTube, music and reading. It's starting not to work anymore.


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • TraumaHarley


    Man this wase with my best friend when we both got into a relationship at the same time, we no longer talk, but don't lose hope, not everyone is the same. I pray every day she's fine, however our relationships took us different paths and I kinda feel more lonely now with my fiance then being alone. Everyone is different. Don't seem desperate, but definitely keep clear communication. Remember intimate relationships come first, but as long as communication never dies and both of you are honest and understanding it'll all be fine ❤️‍🩹 I do reading kinda music forsure a lot of the same, it's difficult but no one really has you like you have yourself.

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