I want to know if there are my she range that survived a ruptured brain anuesym.

Cerebral Aneurysm

Memory Loss

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  • Sansan


    I did!

  • Svj


    I did three times i. The upper pod .it sets right in the middle of the center of brain stem.

  • Sansan


    I did! Had a brain aneurysm repair in 1997 & still kicking! šŸ‘ ā¤ļø

  • Rainshine


    I did in 2005 and had two open brain surgeries to remove AVMs in the back left temporal.

  • 1sabella


    I'm 54 I survived

  • 1sabella


    Mine was the right frontal lobe

  • Svj



  • Ria1568


    I had a brain aneurysm rupture in 2014 when I was 45 yrs old. I was in ICU for 6 weeks. My family told me the neurologist took them aside and told them I would most likely not survive and that even IF I did survive, I would be in a wheelchair in a vegetative state for the rest of my life. Not only did I survive, but I have minimal (but still difficult) side affects such as my short term memory issues and the constant utter exhaustion. I realize how much worse this could have been. I'm blessed and so thankful.

  • JinMar


    Hi, I did it was the early morning of my 50th birthday

  • im.not.crazy.yet


    I had an aneurysm in the center of my brain rupture early morning June 2020. I have memory loss, confusion and I scramble words sometimes. But the rest of my life is pretty normal.

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