I can't eat like 70% of foods and its been killing me, I have terrible nutrition because so many fruits and vegetables are just inedible to me, is there anything you've found that helps this?

Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

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  • Cookiee


    My nutrition is terrible as well. Most fruit and veggies are a no for me also, among many other things. For me to eat fruit, I cut them up small or put them in a smoothie, sometimes adding a veggie too. Otherwise, I just avoid them. I'm more of a sweets kind of person anyway so snacking on healthier foods is not my first choice. I didn't get very far, but maybe you could try exposure therapy with a behaviorist or something. I'll be following this in hopes someone who's gotten farther will comment. Good luck 👍

  • Phillio


    What helped me for fruits is frozen fruits. It makes the texture and flavor more predictable so it turns and unsafe food into a safe food.

  • OtterRose


    I have ARFID also and Fruits and veggies are the hardest for me too!! It’s tricky because fruits can go bad so quickly and the taste is never consistent due to varying levels of ripeness. Something that helps me, even though it’s silly, is using small and fun cookie cutter shapes to cut fruit into small bite sized pieces. You can find mini cookie cutters on Amazon that will do the trick. Cutting my fruit and veggies into fun shapes makes it a little more fun and less stressful for me to eat, despite the fact that it’s a little silly.

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