How do you guys eat healthy if that's something you're currently able to do? I eat mostly heavily processed foods and sugar and I'm sick of having that gross tummy feeling but I also don't know what to buy that's easy to make and not super expensive.



Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • beebell


    smoothies really helped me, you can buy them or make your own, sometimes it's easier to just blend everything together (like bananas and strawberries) I also find it's just easier than eating seperate portions of fruit throughout the day

  • JennCat


    It's definitely a struggle! When I feel overwhelmed, my eating gets out of hand, and that sets my IBS off. I am trying to eat more nourishing foods the majority of the time. I go through phases of which foods I focus on - @beebell idea of smoothies is great for mood-boosting vitamins. I also like making soups, and right now, my post-holidays recovery focus is on homemade ramen broths. Easy, healthy, filling, and comforting. I will absolutely fall off the wagon - it's the 'getting back on' that matters more.

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