I have a tumor on the pituitary gland and it is slowly growing what can I do to shrink it? also I'm having a hard time losing weight I have tried exercising and eating less and eating healthy nothing is working the only I have not tried is not eating can anyone help?



Benign Pituitary Gland Tumor

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  • Captofthevessel



  • Captofthevessel


    What kind of tumor is it? Can it be radiated?

  • SylviaBehn


    Talk to an endrocinologist

  • DysUnicorn


    See an endocrinologist. If it’s prolactinoma there are medications like cabergoline to help shrink it

  • Brandyldm


    What does your endocrinologist advise? Usually, a CT/MRI and labs are used to confirm a pituitary adenoma, determine if it’s secreting excess hormones, and help your endo determine the best course of action. Additionally, endocrine related disorders can wreak havoc on one’s metabolism. I have hypothyroidism, and it took quite a lifestyle adjustment (along with thyroid meds) to maintain my weight. Talk to your endocrinologist.

  • Mertle


    I just had pituitary surgery a month ago to remove an adenoma. Hoping that my Chushing's symptoms caused by it get better not that it's gone.

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