i have a couple questions. I was diagnosed at 13 and havent had to many complications since. Well in the last year I've had increased shoulder pain, they did a X-ray and they didn't find anything wrong with my bones. I spoke to my neurologist and they said that none of my things are NF related but I'm concerned that I have a tumor on my nerve. I have a lot of pain, loss of mobility, and muscle weakness. Anyone have any advice or ideas?
along with this ive had trouble with my chest (pain, palpation, and shortness of breath) I just feel it's a lot of. just wait and see it if it continues, getting tired of feeling like I'm crazy

Neurofibromatosis (NF)

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  • Bobear


    Wow that’s so late to be diagnosed at did you not have any signs at birth.

  • Spottie


    I feel like I am going crazy too. I go into the doctor office complaining about a pain, and then they do an MRI and ultra sound and find nothing on that area where it hurts… But I still have pain. SMH

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