does anyone with sensory processing disorder feel like this is permanent and that you'll never have a life that consists of general everyday life? also do you get irritated and or moody when you are having sensory issues and feel disorganized?

Sensory Processing Disorder

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  • Erebyssian


    I feel like my life is general and average, I just have strong aversions and a couple extreme meltdowns in some situations. But the feelings go about just as fast as they came. I've gotten really good at being able to predict if ill be overstimulated at certain environments and take measures to help ground myself

  • Surreal


    I do worry that it's forever sometimes, but I remind myself that I'm worth "cracking the code" It helps to look back and see what I've learned, what changes or protections have I put in place. It feels good to see some linear growth ❤️

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