I was in a really bad car accident back in September of 2020 with my mom and Everytime we pass that area were it happened I see the accident all over again. I have constant flashbacks of it and nothing I seem to do helps I even have an emotional support dog she helps but I still see and feel the accident all over again. I still feel me being cut out of the car I have had people tell me oh ur fine it will pass stop thinking about it but the thing is, is it was so bad that when I go to think about something else my mind goes right back to that moment. I don't really know much of what happened at the time of the accident as my mom and I both blacked out. seeing accidents on tv and even in person triggers it and seeing cars coming up on the side of us at a stop sign triggers it. I really don't know what to do

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  • Erebyssian


    It took a lot of time for me to heal from a car wreck. It still effects me too. I was in one at the age of 8, and am currently 21. I still hate curbs, I still grip the car if im not the driver and there's a sharp curve or up and down hills. I remember every moment and that I had a concussion and didn't get medical help. I still have nightmares about it. Over time I've become just a little more numbed to it I guess? I try to rationalize to make myself feel better like, "A wreck can happen anywhere, not just on curbs. I'm just as likely to anywhere, and I'm comfortable on other roads. It's okay"

  • Chrys2022


    I do fine as long as I don't see a car coming up on us on the side. The flashbacks and nightmares is the worst part for me I hate them so much.

  • DX


    First recommendation I'd have is therapy (it has completely transformed my relationship and vulneraibilty with my trauma). If that's inaccessible to you right now, I would definitely suggest looking up "grounding exercises." Things that bring you back to the present when you get caught in a flashback. PTSD is our mind thinking that something that happened in the past is happening to us again right now in this moment. By doing grounding exercises, you're essentially telling your brain, "I know we're scared right now; but in this very moment we are safe, that moment is not this moment, and there is nothing to protect ourselves from." One thing to note is that they tend to take a lot of practice. Practice them when you're not triggered, when you're relaxed and safe. Then when you do get triggered, you're used to it and it also brings you back to moments where you feel safe and relaxed. I really hope this helps!

    • Chrys2022


      thank you so much that was actually some helpful information I will be sure to do that. This really has helped and I plan on working on that for sure

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