hi im a 48 female living with anxiety and I was always afraid & always struggling with both depression & anxiety since my mid 40s i didn't eat or sleep & when I told my family or friends they didn't believe me, the people outside oircle don't get what we're talking about but when I talk to people within our circles they completely understand our situation I've struggled alot with my problems not eating/ sleeping/ or getting a good night's rest, it completely did a 360 in my life I was scared of losing friends or any1 that doesn't understand me,I took medication for my mental issues, I've gone to classes to help me thr this time& I went to a mental hospital & they took evrything away from me& was put in a room to be watched over 24-7, I cry sometimes for nothen& its stupid but its part of what Im going through, i lost my dad 3 years ago due to heart failure & im still struggling with a loss of a family member trying to put my life together & moving on even though he's in my heart, I hope I can find more people like me to help cope with my problems in life,

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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