I'm exhausted after a 7 day work week working 10 hour days. I actually hate the restaurant industry and want a better life. I don't know what to do. I just started this job and I'm afraid I'm seeing signs that I'm not gonna have a life.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • mayfliesmayfly


    Oh my goodness! That schedule is brutal. May I ask what kind of a restaurant and what you do? I've been at a super popular, fast-paced Italian deli for almost 3 years. I love my coworkers and the customers and it was luckily very stable during the height of the pandemic. But I get burned on the ovens and toasters a lot. I got 3rd degree burns from hot salami grease. It's uncool and, beyond paying for the urgent care visit, the owners don't seem to care. I want to do a better job but I feel stuck.

    • Squishlover


      it's a very popular Asian cuisine chain restaurant. I'm training to be a senior manager but I can't stand the hours. I may look for something else tbh. But I've had like 5 jobs in a year cuz they all are making me so stressed and exhausted I can't take restaurants

  • kalesquared


    I'm in a privileged position to say this, but I always grew up on the idea that happiness at a job matters more than money. find a balance between those things

  • Innocence


    You are seriously in a job that you are working 70 hours a week okay let's assess the situation 70 hours a week I understand you need a job I need money but let's look for something different in the meantime that's a lot of hours man

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