How to cope with no motivation?


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  • WinterSnow


    Think of something/someone who motivates you. For me, it's my Dad. He's my source of strength

  • vv_lav001


    Writing down a 10 year plan. Many people have no clue what they would want a year from now let alone 10 years. But writing down your perfect dream life down to the hair cut you want to have to the mental and physical places you want to be. This may help you discover your own interests. Don't be afraid to entertain ANY idea that inspires you no matter how "realistic" it seems or not.

    • Dani_Girl


      Wow. I love this idea.

    • Maddiehf


      I REALLY like this idea, I'm going to try it. Thank you so much!

  • joo


    I just do what i can to atm. I take caffeine or adderall to hype myself up. Not the best way, but better than feeling depressed and guilty of not doing anything. I go to the gym, grocery shopping or do some errands like picking up mails.....

  • Las7983


    I struggle with this too. I need an answer

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