I am curious if anyone else has severe pain like debilitating LBP? I've suffered from body pain for as long as I can remember. my doctor doesn't seem to think Grave's causes body pain. TYIA


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Graves' Disease

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  • SadieJ


    I would find a new doctor honestly. Graves can cause an assortment of issues including muscle weakness/loss, joint pain, and the domino effect cause general body pain.

  • Labradorite


    ❤️ Thanks for replying ❤️ glad it's not just me

  • MichaelNavy


    Yes and I also get muscle spasm during sex if testosterone gets tool low. I inject 100 mil every 2 weeks. It took 10 years for them to give me on a continuous prescription for testosterone from the VA. I'm a veteran

  • MichaelNavy


    I was paralyzed for Graves, so be careful and check all your blood work. Make sure they give you the works. They are clue less and I'm researching and letting them know how I feel. Because its rare

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