Do you guys think its harder to talk to Neruotypical people compared to a Neurodivergent person? It might be me but I think to them I am more of a source of entertainment than an actual person. Their humor is also, oddly bland? Joking about Trauma is completely out of the question. Am I alone on this one?

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  • SilasRM


    Yeah it can be harder. sometimes I have trouble talking to autistic friends too though and feel like I have to mask

  • strawberrysoop


    absolutely agree. i feel like i can only be truly close to other neurodivergent folks at this point; its too exhausting to be around neurotypicals

  • Fozzie


    I can relate. NTs are either perplexed/irritated with me or I'm a source of entertainment. I find that highly intelligent people are very curious about me, as if observing a rare animal. Really don't get that at all

  • xoxogossipgirl


    very true it’s hard relating to someone neurotypical and especially with adhd and anxiety they think it’s a joke like girl u try having it then we can talk

  • Kendoll


    I feel like this is universal for neurodivergent people. Our brains work differently, itd make sense that we can’t really understand eachother, and when neurotypicals can’t understand something they usually make fun of it

  • Jadie


    I have ADHD and ASD. Neurotypicals are hard to talk to and are usually the worst at having social interactions being flexible (like allowing someone to explain what they meant before accusing or explaining something not obvious to keep someone engaged) and I have the best time interacting with other people with ADHD specifically. Neurodivergent people in general are easier but for some reason if the other person has ADHD the flow is so much nicer. I also feel I am a source of entertainment to others but then get discarded easily. Happens less often with ND people.

  • tekoi


    I feel like i connect better with NDs because they've also been through the social trouble with NTs too. They know what kind of things people say that are hurtful or irritating and know how to communicate more effectively. I also feel like i had to train my NT friends to my condition but my ND friends knew how to act from the beginning

  • YassPills


    Hello!! I definitely know what you mean, communication has always been a struggle for me and sometimes having a conversation with neurotypical people fees a bit forced

  • BergamotBoi


    yeah, neurotypical conversation is often out of the question for me, its always so so SO awkward, like theres nothing to really talk about. and when there is, its always the same bland surface level topics over and over again. 0/10 wouldn't recommend it again

  • tom_sparkles


    Yeah, I often have a hard time decoding NT's cues/body language/indirectness. It's getting to the point where I have a hard time forming connections with people because I either can't parse them or I can't trust that I've parsed them correctly

  • MKatt


    I grew up forced to talk to ppl even if I didn't want to, so I've started being a source of entertainment to ppl to ease my way into conversation with ppl. And when I talk with NTs I find that I'm always reverting to that way of behavior (which is exhausting), although I don't know very many ND's so I don't really have anyone to compare the experience with.

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