I know what the police said, I am listening to people when they say that I'm better off now that I'm not under her control, and I know she was extremely abusive towards me my whole life... but I can't stop thinking about if I'm in the wrong to leave and wondering if my life would've just been better off if I'd stayed...

Stockholm syndrome

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  • Krisp


    Okay. There’s a lot to unpack here and I want you to know that you’re not alone. This seems very fresh for you and it may always be that way. I left my abuser in 2014 but it took years and years to finally separate myself from him - and from those thoughts. My two cents. You were absolutely right to leave. Putting yourself first is never something to be ashamed of. Truly, those things and those people never get better. They don’t. You can wish it, you can hope it, and you can love them. But, that’s all you. They have to do the things too. You. Were. Right. To. Leave. Make a list. Make goals. Short term ones that you can do daily. Those small little moments will get you through. I’m here for you. Be strong.

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