I recently dropped out of highschool and plan to enroll in a GED/trade program, but struggle at answering phone calls and don't know how I'm going to react when they call me. Any tips on lowering anxiety in the moment?

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  • SirSherlock221


    Write down questions you may have. I've found that writing the first few phrases of phone conversation helps me at least calm my nerves a bit. I hate talking on the phone as well. My hands shake while I dial the number... Logically I know it's kinda silly to get myself worked up about it and I get frustrated with myself.. but I still really don't like phone calls.

  • SirSherlock221


    And actually I'm working on my GED.. slowly anyway. 😅😂

  • Maggiemoo


    I’ve been taking my ged online because I have the same problem and I’m pretty busy so that’s a choice

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