do numbers wiggle around and dance for anybody else? same with letters? it makes it hard to read sometimes


Chronic Dysarthria

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  • Or


    Things move and wave or it looks like idk how to describe it but it looks like they’re trying to hide from me or trick me and it is very disrupting lol

    • Newtworthy


      like a number three will trick you into thinking it's an 8? That happens to me

  • Sebby


    @Newtworthy I think that's dyslexia

  • wheepis


    things breathe and move for me, when i look at walls too much they breathe, same for anything

    • Newtworthy


      I have stuff breathe too! Especially anything that resembles a tummy, like a full backpack. Sometimes stuffed animals breathe and I can hear it too πŸ˜‚, that's schizophrenia for ya

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