I recently got tested for OCD along with some other things and I'm not sure I received the correct diagnosis. I was told I do not have OCD. is anyone open to chatting with me about why I feel like I still might?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Bureizu


    I am open to relating with you, but I cannot say for certain we will have the same experiences. It may help to give you a better idea of what you may or may not have instead of trusting someone to do their job and not certain if they are actually being objective about it.

    • SunInAugust


      I know everyone has intrusive thoughts of some kind but not everyone has conclusions and thats one of the biggest differences between having OCD and not having OCD. I absolutely have themed intrusive thoughts that take up a major part of my day and headspace. But I'm not sure if I have mental compulsions? Sometimes I feel so desperate to have answers to what I ruminate on. I briefly tried to thought neutralize the super violent thoughts but it never helped so I didn't try for more than a week or so years ago. But its many thoughts. And they are so upsetting and urgent.

      • SunInAugust


        Not everyone has compulsions*

  • pinksky


    Just keep in mind everyone's OCD is different and there are many different kinds of OCD. Just because you haven't been diagnosed with general OCD doesn't mean you don't have it. I would recommend specifically an OCD specialist.

  • Ladoo


    Reading about the types of OCD also helps. I didn't realize I had it and was in denial when I got diagnosed (because of the stereotypes and thinking it was a different diagnosis) until I started learning more about it. I'm not saying to self-diagnose, but it is a way to understand and have closure that some traits you might share with OCD could be brought up in a conversation with a specialist if it concerns you.

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