Hey, so I NEED top surgery. Seeing other's scars, say, a month after, kind of make me nervous because I don't want mine to be so obvious. I know they will fade over time and with proper treatment and all that, but still. Dysphoria is bad enough that I know I'll get surgery and hopefully soon and I know the scars will fade, I'm just nervous I won't be as happy as other people are when they see their results. My T agrees I need surgery. I know it intellectually that it will help a ton, but emotionally I'm scared. Tips to get over the fear or can anyone relate? I asked on another platform and someone said that if the scars would bother me that much, maybe I shouldn't get surgery. Thing is, I'll get over it and it'll be worth it, just right now getting the bright red scars make me nervous. I just need to get over that fear. That's really the only thing holding me back. I feel like I'm the only one who experiences this which doesn't help either.

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  • freshlydeliveredpal


    Hi friend! Medical student & trans masc here :) First off, your nerves are totally valid! It is a surgical procedure, which is very intimidating and the healing process is too! Secondly, I hope what the person on the other platform was trying to say was if scars will be just as dysphoric as not having top surgery, maybe reconsider getting the surgery. Remember that all bodies are one-of-a-kind that will all heal differently, whether its pace or the formation of scarring. However, your body is YOUR body! If you want top surgery but really want minimal scarring, try researching some dermatologist-approved scar repair treatment options to see what interests you. Also, it’s so important to research who you want your surgeon to be; make sure you like their work and the outcome results. I like to think of them like a really important tattoo artist, in some ways. I hope this helped!

  • Inavder_Zim


    Weight and chest size also affect how noticeable scarring is. I would suggest using anti-scarring cream. I haven’t had top yet, but I know creams helped my SH heal and scar less, so I believe they’d be a good thing to look into.

  • Oliloos


    Hey! Tbh the fear will lessen overtime. When I first got surgery? Was too busy being upset and jealous over others results (one scar is thicker bc it had to get opened again due to a hematoma), one nipple more oval than the other, "why are their scars so straight and mine are rounded and non-symmetrical?" etc. But after awhile? You start to notice that it doesn't really look all that bad. 2.3 years in, and I'm happier with every little micro flaw in it. your chest has time to heal and settle into a new shape and physique, and hopefully by then, you'd be happy, as our results are part of who we are, every abnormal linage, nipple, or scar, use it as something unique:)

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