I fight reflux continually.
many times my esophagus is like a sunburn all the way to the back of my throat.
I worry about barrett's esophagus. I take nexium(esomeprasole)everyday. i really hate taking a proton pump inhibitor but is i miss it i suffer.

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  • Carlasue


    I know what you mean I supper it makes me miserable and I’ve tried so much stuff right now I take meds for acid reflux on top of drinking gaviscon regularly to stop the acid reflux at a minimum

  • Carlasue


    Im sorry suffer not supper



      I got you. I was able to wean myself off nexium for a while but it didn't last. When it gets really bad I use chloroseptic spray.

  • FaithKay


    So sorry your dealing with this. I had been throwing up everyday do to this acid reflux and having sjogrens has made it worse because I choke. So I recently went off alot of meds. What I do now is make a hot tea with 1 teaspoon vinegar, 1tsp lemon juice and a tsp honey .I do it 3x a day and got rid of this problem. Also lost 50lbs. God thing for me. It's miserable. Ate something wrong last nite and was sick it reminded me of what I don't miss anymore. You get use to the taste.

  • Axle_Alike


    My acid reflux has gone on for 10 years. I started Pantaprazole 40 mg (Protonix) in 2018. Only used as needed until I started have swallowing issues. I was eating a hamburger and a swallow went very slow and painful. I also began having to clear my throat a lot. I have a book that cleared everything up for me. I finally stopped drinking Diet Coke, citrus, spicy & fried foods but kept taking my PPI (Protonix) daily so that my throat finally heals. I’m on week 4 out of 6 weeks. Then try staying off Protonix —use as needed. As I no longer have “heartburn”— it’s progressed to “throatburn” so this is what you have to do. Allow your PPI to work by NOT eating/drinking acid products.

    • Axle_Alike


      Diet Coke is the main culprit. I was drinking 3-5 cans a day for 30 years. What was explained in the book is that Pepsin (supposed to only be in your stomach) has leaked and attached itself to my throat. Acid products like Diet Coke or even orange juice activates the Pepsin in the throat and can progress to cancer or at least Barrons Esophagus, precursor to cancer.

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