So today I went to my therapist appointment and they told me that I had been cut off because my insurance doesn't work there and right now I feel like I really need my therapist because I feel like the psychosis part of my bipolar is getting bad again this afternoon I cried out for my brother who I know has been dead for 6 years but I kept thinking he was in the room with me I know when I get like this is can just get worse and worse and idk what to do until I can get to a new therapist it's terrifying dealing with Psychosis on your own

Bipolar disorder with psychotic features

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  • Pattik


    I'm so sorry you're struggling with this. There are a few places in my state that offer free counseling. You could try looking that up in your area

  • Rogue.x


    honestly I get you, be strong and stay calm. Go to your happy place and don’t leave until you feel ready to face your reality. Your reality is harsh and the truth hurts, but it is WAAAY more painful to endure and hold on to the past like that. Again if you don’t have a therapist , you should be able to still survive through this. Just be strong

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