every once in a while, I'll go (almost) completely emotionally numb and it feels terrible, I get super on edge when anyone tries to interact with me. I just feel bad for my boyfriend because it's harder for me to clearly form my emotions into words and urrgh I have no clue how to properly describe it... lol.I hope I'm not alone with these kinds of mood dropoffs


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    Man this happens to me prettyy regularly as well. I know both me AND my partner get like this, and we find it usually helps to try to describe those instances when we aren’t in one of those mindsets and communicating what we’d like the other to do BEFORE we ever get in a mindset like that. This usually helps to avoid miscommunication later on. Because I may be particularly silent, “dry” or “cold”, when really I’m just tired and can’t really think or communicate without getting ticked yk? I’m usually a little better at communicating than he is but he struggled with autism so its to be expected. If you have a good partner, they’ll be patient and work to understand and make things comfortable.

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