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  • Pisces2022


    I’m in need of answers too.

  • Chronicbadass


    It depends on what stage it is. I had uterine cancer and they were able to remove it by a full hysterectomy. I didn’t need radiation or chemo but I was lucky. I don’t think that is the majority. I’ve been cancer free for 2 years.

  • Wisteria


    My initial cancer was removed during my hysterectomy. I went through 5 or 6 radiation treatments and hoped for the best. My cancer came back two years later and had metastasized to 2 spots in my body. I've been doing chemo for three years with good results. My tumors are considerably smaller. I don't have and problems from the cancer but do have side effects from the cancer medication I take nightly. Keep in mind that everyone iss different. I hope your cancer is easily treated and that you feel well.

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