What are your favorite activities to distract yourself when you are having a bad flare up? What do your flare ups effect?

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Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • ezra_zvaigzde


    Whenever I have a flare up the pain prevents me from focusing, so I have difficulty completing school work, and I usually can’t go to work in person when they occur. Instead of trying to force myself to focus, lately I like to turn on a YouTube video while playing a game like Minecraft to distract myself- not necessarily from the pain, but from the things it’s preventing me from doing. What are some things that you do?

  • BumbleBean


    I tend to try to sleep it off or do something that is mentally distracting but doesnt involve lots of body movement, like hanging out with a friend or playing the sims on my computer. My flares make food prep, pet care, and other chores really hard

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