so, I didn't go to school today. and because I had a hard time waking up (I was awake but didn't open my eyes or anything) my mom was shaking me aggressively, taking my blanket off and grabbing my arm hard trying to flip me so I'm laying flat. it hurts but what hurts more is the icky feeling I get from me not liking touch. I've tried to explain to my mom in the past how I can't stand physical touch and to find other ways to wake me up but she says it's impossible pretty much. idk what to do I feel icky and like I need to shake it away.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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    That sounds terrible, I can't imagine going through that in the morning. I also am very sensitive towards touch, and I prefer it if people ask before fixing my clothes or grabbing my arm or hand. My mom has a habit of fixing my clothes, like correcting an inside out pocket in my shorts, or flipping the tag of my shirt down. I keep telling her to ask first, and afterwards she feels bad cause she knows how uncomfortable it makes me. Also when I was younger, I would have a breakdown whenever I would be woken up for school cause I was so exhausted, and I taught myself how to fall back asleep so I didn't have to go to school. My mom did stuff like pulling my covers off and even spraying water on me like a cat. Those things only made me more frustrated, but now that I'm able to communicate better with her she doesn't do those things anymore. I know how frustrating it is to feel unheard, and on top of that exhausted. For me, communication and attempting to communicate are helpful, even if it takes 10 conversations to get your point across. I hope you're doing alright, feel free to dm ♥️

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