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Birth control will solve all your problems” Who’s been told this and what did you do?



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  • Paincess


    Yes. And it did nothing but let it all grow pain free and undetected until I was one of the worst cases an experienced surgeon had ever seen. It’s like putting a smiley face sticker on a melanoma.

  • Belugabear


    Birth control caused my pain to start 24/7 instead of just on my period because I was given high estrogen. I’m happy for the people it works for but I was certainly not one of them. It’s great for suppressing ovulation but nothing else to me

  • Emmyyy


    Yes and no. It has helped so many things with me like acne, and menstrual pain. But it certainly doesn't stop anything, there's weight gain, also doesn't fully help pain but can always go the "no period" route.

  • ouchysince2001


    Birth control made my migraines worse. 😥

  • EatenByWormy


    I don’t think anyone has been bold enough to say that to my face. I started developing symptoms at 16, was on birth control on and off until I was 25(ish?) and had a laparoscopy, at which point my dr told me I had stage 3. My aunt was on birth control AND had two kids- her endo was so out of control that she was hospitalized and almost lost part of her intestine. F/cking with hormones isn’t an easy thing, hormonal birth control has some WILD “side effects,” like literally including strokes and death. I wish people would take that seriously.

  • Aundie


    I haven’t had this said to me by the quote but I remember my mom being concerned about my terrible cramps. She took me to the doctor and at 13 (I started at 9) I was told that birth control was the only option other than 800mg of ibuprofen. Of course I took the 800mg but it does nothing while I’m in the worst of my period. I’m now in my early 20s and took BC for the first time and it was traumatic to put it bluntly. I’m glad it helps so many people but it really drives the thought in further that nothing will help.

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