Have you been diagnosed with MS and if you are how was your diagnosed

Occlusion of Cerebral Arteries

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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  • CaliS


    Hi - I was diagnosed with both an MRI and a lumbar puncture.

  • llamaxoxo


    I was diagnosed with MRI at the hospital because I thought I was having a stroke.

  • Hyvlocty


    I had only an MRI from my EYE Dr. Who then proceeded to tell me most likely MS.... OVER THE PHONE! I think she should have talked to me in person and/or referred me to a specialist. Diagnosed in 2006 but I remember symptoms from years earlier.

    • Blue_Star


      I had almost the exact experience! I went to the eye doctor and was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis, he ordered an MRI “just in case” it was MS. I am EXTREMELY grateful for him for doing that because that’s how I got diagnosed. BUT, he called me on the phone the next day, bless him I think he was a bit panicked, he said “Has anyone called you?” … I was like, ummm no?? Then he told me over the phone. It was surreal. I had a lumbar puncture to confirm.

  • Hyvlocty


    good to hear I wasn't the only one with this experience. Lol... not really but you get what I mean.

  • imag


    Brain mri, lumbar puncher, back mri, blood tests.

    • Hyvlocty


      Yeah! Brain, neck, and back MRI, yearly. 😒

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