I feel betrayed by my body.

Years and years of weird, seemingly unrelated health issues (Constant pain in all of my joints, fatigue, stomach aches, depression, add, brittle bones, vitimin deficiencies, hypothyroidism) are all caused by celiacs. SOme relief is gained from a diagnosis, but also I have a lot of anger about it. My thyroid issues started roughly a decade ago, and in 2018&2019 i broke multiple bones for seemingly no reason. My joints have hurt as long as i remember. I think my body has been attacking itself due to this auto immune disorder for many years. I was tested for it as a small child, so I didn't have it as a kid. I suspect highschool age because that's when i started complaining that all my joints hurt all the time and i started having issues with depression. Hopefully just changing my diet once i get the scope to see 100% what's up can fix all this but reading online it may take a few years for the lining of my intestines to grow back.

WHy is gluten is basically everything? When i went to walmart the other day I wanted corn tortillas so I can eat some wraps, but they had litterally none in the whole store. I worked very hard not to cry in public about it. Bread that I can eat is 6 bucks for less than a half loaf. This feels terrible and overwhelming.


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  • KingSlayer


    I've been told by several doctors that I have an auto immune disease but they don't know what it is and when I ask if there are any tests to help pinpoint which one it is they all just say that they aren't a specialist but then won't give me a referral for a specialist and it's been about 3 years of this and so many doctors. Also since I just turned 18 this year I'm also told that "I'm too young to actually be experiencing this much pain" and that I'm just "over exaggerating" and not just by doctor's but also friends, family, including my sister and my step dad especially. I have arthritis, costochondritis, tendonitis in my elbows and ankles especially, frequent migraines, and verbal as well as motor tics that no one can explain to me. No one else in my family experiences tics of any form and no one I talk to has any answers about anything. I'm constantly feeling sick and I don't know why.

  • FourKit


    In 2017 I was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder. It came on all of a sudden and I had verbal stuttering and body tremors/ticks, migrains (for the first time), and lost the ability to control my arm and leg movement. I was put into a wheelchair, and then contracted costochondritis. You might look up FND, there are a variety of different symptoms. No cure, but I am walking and talking again after a ton of PT and OT and Counterstrain fascial massage.

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