I keep cycling between manic/depressive! Wtf is going on. I deadass thought I had all this under control before I left for school but apparently not. And it’s weird because I went off to college expecting things to get better ptsd wise but i’ve found that past trauma keeps hitting me in the face and preventing me from progressing, this is all so weird

Bipolar Disorder

Complex post traumatic stress disorder


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  • MadAlice


    School can be stressful, especially with a full schedule or course load, and bipolar combined with PTSD can certainly be triggered by major life events. Remember to go easy on yourself, you may be progressing without realizing it, life can be very nonlinear.

    • Firey.pisces


      thank you sm I really needed to hear that

  • Pisforpotato


    I also recently dealt with this. For me, I needed to increase certain medications and I added another one to get control back. I also started seeing my therapist on a more frequent schedule. Maybe that’s part of it? As far as the PTSD, I have been doing EMDR with my therapist every 2-3 weeks so I can process it in a safe space and heal with guidance rather than alone. I still have moments, but I am able to manage them a lot better since I’ve been processing them and been taught how.

  • julietrau


    when I arrived to college, it was a confusing time. I was able to have freedom and think for myself, but with the cognitive freedom came me finally coming to terms with undiagnosed mental illness and trauma. it’s been a journey and healing isn’t linear. but good for you for letting yourself feel. reach out if you need anything!

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