It's been an extremely rough few days. I take seroquel and effexor and just recently I have noticed extreme crying spells. I cry about EVERYTHING. happy/sad/overwhelming.. Etc.
Anyone experience this or have any advice? Do you think it's time to switch?

MGs are 150 Er on Effexor and 25mg on Seroquel.




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  • AshleeSVU


    @M3g982 I have never used those medications. I would definitely speak with your doctor to see if adjustments can be made. I wish you the best in finding what works for you.

    • M3g982


      Thank you. I just went up on one not long ago it doesn't seem like it's helping much unfortunately. I'm scheduled to see a psychiatrist soon hopefully I can get some relief then.

  • kat32


    I have had this experience with other medications, I definitely recommend talking to your provider. I hope that you get some relief soon ❤️

  • squibibi


    oh man effexor made me into an absolute monster,, constantly crying about little things, snapping at people and pushing them away because I felt like I didnt deserve them, overthinking everything and always coming to the worst conclusions,, it was a nightmare

  • pandasss


    I was on 75 mg of Effexor ER and 200 mg of Seroquel at the same time until they took me off of the Seroquel and I never experienced that, maybe it's the dosage of the Effexor?

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