Hi all! How’s your CRPS journey been like thus far?

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

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  • Haleydoesmusic


    It's kinda hard being in marching band with CRPS and people not being very understanding :/ I do my best tho

  • JJOH


    I am a 15 yr veteran od crps. My journey has taken me on a wild carpet ride. People do t get it, they physically see you and think alls ok. But man my internal me is on fire the plunged into Antarctica. Only to repeat itself several times a day. I never know what my day will be like. That's the hardest part. Even my family don't get it. My service dog Max got me. He was my best bud. He just past a few months ago. Man I wish humans had the understanding of Max. How is you journey going?

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