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does anyone get bad anxiety and SUPER OVERWHELMED when they have alot to do in one day or through out the week and like SERIOUSLY stressed out about it ? andddd does anyone else ALWAYS put everyone else first and always yourself last ? I'm a people pleaser...I enjoy helping people. but I never put myself first ..I never give myself ME time , and I feel like I help and do for the people who you do the same for me. and the frustrating thing is I KNOW I'm doing it but since I was a teenager I had no choice to put everyone else first ( due to parents being ex addicts) I had to grow up quickly. I don't know 🤦‍♀️ any advice to any of this craziness ?

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  • Bobaqueen


    I can relate to being a people pleaser and I have a hard time saying no when I really want to. I grew up being around drug addicts and fortunately my mother was able to stop and has stayed sober for almost 10 years, but now my only brother who got into that life style a couple of years ago, has develop schizophrenia from the drug use. It is scary because he cannot stop using and it is making his schizophrenia worse to where he says the voices in his head are telling him to harm my mother and my little sisters, and my mother has gotten attacked by him and she called the cops on him, but within a couple of months later he has came back to my mothers house and has been living there and so far there hasnt been any incidents but I don't trust him. He has been admitted to the mental hospital but they just let him out within a couple of days. I know that my mom doesn't want him on the streets because she is afraid that some thing might happen to him and I also think she feels guilty for what she put him through growing up. (Sorry for the long story) I also get very overwhelmed when I have so much to get done. When I feel like this I sort of isolate myself for a day or so in my house and it's not so easy with kids. My youngest has just started kindergarten and this has sort of made me get on a better schedule, since I now have a little free time for myself to focus on my studies. Earlier this year I struggled really bad with my anxiety and was having panic attacks back to back whenever I felt overwhelmed, so I decided to cut back on some of my college classes and decided to focus more on myself. I think that taking a break and stepping back is nessessary at times or else you might experience a burnout.

  • beautifulDisasterxo


    I am so sorry your going through all that!😥 My mom and dad have been sober for many years as well. And I'm glad your mom is sober as well ! I just lost my best friend on 4th of July this year to drugs and it has really taken a toll on me. 😥 And I honestly think I have already reached burn out

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