I want to lessen or get rid on my Peyronies hoping to aid in coping with ED. Has anyone done the Xiaflex shots? Did they work?

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  • louguess52


    How much do XIAFLEX injections cost? Pain, swelling and bruising can develop in the injection area. Xiaflex costs $3,300 an injection, so a full course of eight injections would cost about $26,000, in addition to a doctor's fee. Doctors already use less expensive drugs off-label to treat Peyronies, including injections of a generic blood pressure drug

  • louguess52


    I had that done already it didn't help me at all but it hurt a lot

  • phatso


    They have electrical paddle treatments. Supposedly it loosens hard plaque thst caused the curvature

  • PD_03301


    I completed the full run of Xiaflex injections. My end result was about 10% improvement in loosening up the bend in my penis. I can still feel a large thick pad of plaque where the curvature is, and I have not regained any of the length that I lost due to Peyronie's. I have gotten used to the slightly painful erections due to the tightness of the plaque and my sex life being pretty much over with.

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