hey everyone I was wondering what are the best coping skills you use

My are: online roleplays, watching anime, watching cartoons, music, singing, and dancer

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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Irritability and Anger

Bipolar Disorder

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  • casperjasper


    Definitely music! Sometimes tv shows. I’m working on gaining more coping skills. Recently my therapist told me a great grounding technique for dissociation is lowering your body temp, like taking a super cold shower. I’ve yet to try it

  • saculnairda


    Definitely music, i rap and sing, as well as play instruments. Also, i really enjoy videogames to take my mind offof things but othertimes they dont help as i feel im wasting time. Skateboarding!?

  • aevyn


    Music as well, I sing and have dance parties in my bedroom! I also love to paint, and I like to be outside in nature.

  • MadAlice


    In no order, making and viewing art, writing, music creation, playing instruments, walking in nature, meditation, reading

  • Pisforpotato


    I love to paint, sing, read, and workout (weight lift). I learned that I needed coping skills that used pretty much all of my senses for them to effectively help me cope, and all of those pretty much do that for me!

  • Maxxxxx


    I like indulging in my interests; like coding, music production, math and science, pharmacology.

  • des00000


    Anime, Video Games, Reading ☺️

  • canoli


    I love taking walks. Nature helps and so does light exercise. I'm finally discovering that I'm kinda creative so I make things as well. Creating is very therapeutic. A huge thing for me is to force myself not to let things go too much. It's a struggle to pay bills and clean but a dirty house and unpaid bills definitely cause depression and anxiety. I don't mean I can do it well, I just keep trying to do my best and give myself a break because I am sick, not lazy.

  • Wings


    I love taking walks and enjoying nature . Also music and singing helps me a lot . I like being creative but sometimes it's hard for me to actually get it completed . I'm working on/ trying to find more coping skills though .

  • Shoyo1hinata



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