Hey guys I’m so tired of this symptoms left arm pain, face numbness upper back pain chest pain stomach pain dizziness finger pain fast heart rate heart palpitations breathless hyperventilating, Ect. What to do, feels like it never ends. What symptoms do you guys have? Leave comments below.

Acute Anxiety


Chest pain

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Panic Disorder

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  • Johnj


    Hi iam with you have everything you mentioned..doc wants me to try cymbalta , i havent yet .. i battle everyday ..its anxiety ..it sucks i hate it

    • Hyperbeast


      I have so many meds that I don’t take none because of the side effects.

      • Johnj


        myself as well iam none and probably wont take any for the same reason so i just battle everyday some days are good but most are terrible i feel everything you feel

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